Friday, August 2, 2013

It's all ours!

There was  a bit of drama and delays but the house is ours! We closed on Wednesday.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Creature report, creature report

I watch too much Octonauts! That song is stuck in my head.

It should have said inspection report. We had our house inspection done this week. Turns out that one of the bedrooms isn't technically a bedroom. Uh oh. Since it was priced as a three bedroom house, the appraisal should be interesting. Our bank guy isn't happy.

I don't really know what we do next.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sludge house

We've got an agreement!

We started with a low ball offer. They countered with a number just below asking price and the requirement that they are allowed to take plants in the fall. We countered back with a more reasonable offer and agreed to the plant thing plus they had to through in the washer and dryer. They countered again in the middle and we ACCEPTED it.

That's right folks, we're moving. Let's just hope that the rest of this process goes smoothly. We still have the inspection and bank assessment to get through. But for now, let's focus on picking out paint colors and a new couch!

I suppose I can quit calling it the sludge house. It makes it sound like I don't like the house. Which isn't the case at all. I really like it! But lake gets kind of gross. Lots of lily pads and algae. Which is great for nature and stuff but not so great for people to swim in. We'll just call it the new clubhouse since that is what the kids are calling it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More money

More money is always helpful. Especially when buying a house.

With the additional money we are now able to borrow, we found 4 more houses that we wanted to see that were previously out of our range.

Called up Realtor and told him to set stuff up. One of the owners refused to set up a showing. Umm, yeah. You don't want to show the house that you are trying to sell? Ok. Sure. Makes sense. Now I'm so curious that I want to buy it sight unseen! Or not. Morons. Why do we only like the houses owned by idiots?

Right, so three houses to look at.

The Big House: It's big. The yard is huge. Great lake frontage. Weird loft master bedroom. Bedrooms are not all on the same floor. We'd need to get a good deal on it because it's over budget.

The Lakeview house: Very charming. Great outdoor space. Beautiful views. Nicest location. Bedrooms are not all on the same floor. Master bedroom has the best views but I'd rather have the living room has great views. Taxes are really high. Can't really use the lake frontage- very steep. Needs updates.

The Sludge house: Open concept. Everything has been updated (except the fridge). House is pretty much what we wanted. Great lake views on a more private part of the lake. Huge yard. Close to town. Bedrooms are not all on the same floor. There will be a algae issue in the summer because it's on a bay. The neighbors are really just a couple of campers. They might build something in the future but for now it's campers.

We're making an offer on the Sludge house.


Sorry to keep you hanging. I've been busy. Not buys packing though. Oops did that give the ending away?

So we were waiting for a response to our offer. Friday came and went with no response. Their realtor couldn't even get in touch with them. WTF?

On Monday we call our realtor and ask what the heck is going on? Did they die from the shock of someone making an offer on their magenta carpeted house?

Nope, they aren't sure they want to sell their house that's been on the market for THREE YEARS. They were hoping to get asking price.

These people are BSC. They have watched too much tv. They think that they've priced their house so low that people are going to get into some kind of bidding war over it.

So we didn't get the house. Oh well. Happens for a reason, blah blah blah.

I guess one of the reasons is because Itchy was able to talk the bank into approving us for more money.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Where were we?

Ah yes, we saw them at the restaurant. We were once again hopeful that the house would be done and ready to go. Not so much.

We talked to our realtor, who then talked to their realtor, and they said it would be done June 3rd. So we waited some more.

On June 4th, we went to take a look. We left feeling angry and disappointed. Their updates suck. They forgot all about keeping it neutral and went with orange paint, magenta carpet, and dusty rose countertops (not all in the same room though). Even I can tell that they work has done quickly and half assed. Except you know, it work seven weeks.

We still decided to make an offer. What can I say, we're dumb. We like the location though and the house still has the potential to be great. We got our offer together quickly and gave it to them on Wednesday. They have until the end of the day today to reply.

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May 25th

An odd series of events occured today.

We had taken the kids to the park. Talked about just forgetting House 5 and scheduling showings for a couple of other houses in the area. It was getting late so we went out to eat.

At the restaurant, I  overhear the couple sitting next to us. It's an older couple. The old lady is sad that they finally did all these updates to their house and they won't even get to enjoy it. My brain went crazy thinking, holy crap, wouldn't it be something if these are the owners of House 5!

I went to the gym later that night and on my way home I drove past House 5. There is a car in the driveway and lights are on in the house.

We know that the owners live in MN and are old. The plates on the white Escalade were from MN.

I totally think that the owners were in town for Memorial Day weekend and they were the ones sitting next to us at dinner.